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CRL1000L Installation page


Kit Battery Lead insertion (for PC-8 and 3CS Kits)

Remove bike’s rider seat. Make sure there is no fuse in the Kit’s main fuseholder.

Start by inserting the POS lead under the bracket as shown below.


Now route it as shown below to the battery. Repeat with Kit’s NEG lead.



pc8onat2 pc8onat1

Please Note - all CRF1000 PC8 and 3CS Kits now use the 6P connector found at far rear left. Move it to a position shown by the finger below.



Battery Cable Install

Remove the toolbox, your battery is behind it. then release and flip up the plastic cover and you’ll see the view below. Slide the battery partially out.

Unbolt the battery NEG cable on the right side with a 5mm allen tool. Pull the cable out enough so it won’t touch the frame.

Now unbolt the battery POS cable on the left, you’ll need a 10mm wrench.

Now is the time to pull the Kit’s leads into position. Keep the bike’s NEG lead from touching anything.

Now bolt the Kit’s POS lead as shown below and tighten the 10mm bolt with the Kit’s lead slightly up as shown.

The Kit’s NEG lead can now be bolted down on top of the bike’s NEG lead.

Route wires neatly to the upper right indent.


Now slide the battery all the way back into place and close the plastic cover, you’re done here.

Under the seat you will attach with 3 provided nuts, the Kit’s 3 PC-8 leads onto the 3 studs on the PC-8

Use velcro or duallock to secure the PC-8 into the desired position. It can go at the very front of the underseat tray, or it can go further back, your choice.

Older Kits (before 6/22/2017): The Kit has a 4P sealed connector which is inserted into the bike’s red connector lying along the right side. Remove the red cap and insert the Kit’s switching connector. This provides switching and ground for the relay.

New Kits (after 6/22/2017): The new Kit uses the 6P accessory connector which is for the factory alarm system. If you have the factory alarm you will also need to purchase our Rear Accessory Splitter. The 6P connector is located at the far left under the passenger seat. After removing the seat, pull up the connector and remove its cap. Then plug in the PC-8 switching connector to it. It can be routed further forward so its not under the passenger seat.

Tie everything in place.

Now you can simply wire in all your circuit wires to the PC-8.

Run wires from the device to the PC-8 first.

On the PC-8, to insert a wire unscrew the desired screw on the PC-8 terminal block, strip the wire and insert making sure all wire strands go in. Then tighten the screw. Repeat for all circuit wires. POS wires go on the fuse side, NEG ground wires on the opposite side.

Fuse each circuit appropriately, according to the wire sizes used and the current requirements.

When you’re finished tie everything down and insert the main fuse, test that your circuits work.

PC-8 Install Pics

NOTES: - The relay can be placed along the left frame tube as shown here on the left, or it can go in other places, just keep everything away from the seat lock down loop. The PC-8 can be velcroed onto the central area giving lots of room around it for wiring.

Please send me some pics of your install so I can put them here.

pc8onat2 pc8onat1

Please Note - all CRF1000 PC8 and 3CS Kits now use the 6P connector found at far rear left. Move it to a position shown by the finger below.



3CS Install

Battery lead installation is the same as for the PC-8 shown above. The 3CS components can be laid out and tied down in many different ways. Just keep them away from the seat loop latch area.

On the 3CS circuit wires you’ll have to install the sealed connectors supplied with the 3CS. Or you can buy premade leads here. See this page for help on installing seals, and crimping or pinch/soldering the terminals. Also I sell crimpers and the the Hozan P-706 is perfect for these sealed type terminals.

Basic Components:

Once you get the battery leads in place as shown above on this page, you’ll be left with the 3CS components near the front under the seat. In the picture below are the components - the fusebox, the relay, the main fuseholder, the switching connector, and the output connectors. They can be tied down wherever is convenient.

I am using this 3CS on my personal bike as shown here. I am powering a coax socket for heated gear on one circuit, a pair of front sockets (automotive and panel mount coax) on one circuit, and I have one circuit free for aux lights in the future.

On this Africa Twin, a Japan market bike, an ETC automatic toll collection device comes at the front of the underseat tray. There is plenty of room above it as shown here. This location is where you could put a PC-8 fusebox as well if you require more accessory circuits.

In the pic below from the other side, you can better see the ETC box.



Install Instructions for CFT1000 Brake/Tail Adapters

- remove rider and passenger seats

- unplug the connector on tail light housing. Plus it into its mate on the adapter. Now plug the remaining connector on the adapter into the tail light housing

- attach your aux wires to the outputs - make sure no wires can short to ground if they’re not used

Version 1 - all wires are take-offs from stock wires

Version 2 - blue and black wires are take-offs. Red wire is output to brakelight, purple is input to brakelight modulator