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VStrom Extras Page

Brake/Tail/Signal Adaptors - Installation

1 - Remove seat and the rear carrier. Remove the two small side bolts and swing the tail section with fender and license plate up. Rest it on the top of the bike so that you can access the rearmost 6 pole connector.

2 - Unplug the connector and plug in the Kit’s two connector halves. Run the long wire bundle up the inside of the underseat tray and under the steel cross brace.

3 - Connect any auxiliary brake lights to the red wire.

4 - Connect any auxiliary tail or running lights to the white wire

5 - Connect any auxiliary signal lights to either the yellow (left) or blue (right) wires.

6 - Connect an alarm signal wires to the blue and yellow wires.

7 - The black wire is ground and can be used with any of the above which also need a ground

8 = You should take care that those wires in the adaptor which won’t be used are safely wrapped with tape or otherwise will not short out. I like to install a Posi-Lock on any loose wire which will be live but not used.

9 - Test that your additional lighting works by turning on the ignition key and pressing the rear brake lever.

10 - Reinstall all parts and tie up all wires neatly.

Note: You can shorten the wires if you want to mount the unit closer to the connectors.


Version 2 is made for brakelight modulators like the BackofXP which require a brakelight input and output plus ground. The red wire is the brakelight input from the bike and the purple wire is the output to the brakelight bulb.

You can use the Version 2 adapter as a Version 1 if you connect the red and purple wires together. These are the brakelight input and outputs designed for a modulator requiring these. If you're not using them for that type of modulator simply connect them together and your normal brakelight function will be restored.

To then use an auxiliary brakelight, connect its wire to the junction of the red and purple.

NOTE for Supabrake Owners: You can plug both the adapter version 1, and a Supabrake into the same stock connector.

Below you can see how the adapter plugs into the bike’s rear connector.


3 Circuit Solution Installation - specially for VStrom but a good general guide for all makes.

Note: On Kits with one unswitched fuse, it is always the fuse with red wires that is unswitched. The 3 Circuit Solution is extremely flexible in the ways you can install its components. The components usually are installed close to the bike’s battery but this will vary from bike to bike. Take your time and lay the components out and try and find the best places for installation. Be careful and disable and protect your bike’s battery terminals from shorting out. Use the included cable ties to secure everything after you have tested it.

1 - Remove seat and/or whatever else you need to get good access to your bike’s battery.

2 - Start by loosing and taking the bolt off the battery’s NEG terminal. Move the wires aside so they won’t touch the NEG terminal during this installation.

3 - Loosen and take the bolt off the battery’s POS terminal.  Make sure there is no main fuse on the 3CS’s main fuseholder yet. This should be installed last, after everything is finished. Now attach the main fuseholder ring terminal on top of existing wires on the POS terminal of the battery’s. Move the new terminal to face forward and slightly left. Replace the bolt through all terminals, and tighten snugly.

4 - Now position the Kit’s main ground ring terminal over whatever wires were there before, insert the bolt and tighten snugly.

5 - Run the ground wires down along behind the battery (VStrom) or any other routing out of the way.

6 - Position the relay on the back of the underseat tray (VStrom). Drill a small hole and attach the relay with a cable tie (or nut and bolt). Other makes should look for an existing bolt or plastic flat area to drill a hole to mount the relay.

7 - Place the three smaller fuses of your choice in the 3 fuse fuseholder. Do not place the main 30A fuse in the main fuseholder until you are finished the install. You can buy different value fuses if that suits your accessories better. If you bought a 3CS with one unswitched circuit, it is the one with red wires.

8 - Put the cap on the 3CS and push it cap first down into the open area to the left and rear of the battery (Strom). On other makes, look for similar unused areas the 3CS will fit into and push it in cap first. You’ll have to pull it out to change fuses.

9 - Switching lead - the Posi-Tap supplied must be connected to a hot wire which is only on when the bike is on. (VStrom) A special connector is supplied which plugs into the rear brakelight switch connector found under the rear of the fuel tank. DL650 owners see note at bottom. See here for Posi-Tap installation.

10 - Route the three circuit connectors from the 3CS down along below the square frame tube. Before connecting any accessories to the 3CS, finish and test that it’s working correctly.

11 - Go back and cable tie everything in place. Leave the 3CS loose enough so it can be pulled up later for service, but not so loose that it will rattle around.

12 - Now you can install any Kits or accessories you want connected to the 3CS. Any connectors unused can be cable tied up so they don’t move around. It is advisable to remove the fuse from any circuit that isn’t being used.

DL650 Owners note:

On ALL DL650s the switching connector is a bit harder to find. First unbolt and prop up the rear of the fuel tank. The rear bolt has a built in prop. Now unbolt the coolant tank and lift and you will see the connector you need to plug into.