VStrom Products are now split up on 5 pages - quick links below

PC-8 Fusepanel Kits - for all the older VStroms

3CS-HD and 4CS-S Fusepanel Kits - unsealed HD and sealed

H4 Headlight Relay Kits - choice of configurations

Older VStrom Adapters - for all the older VStroms

    - Rear Brake Switch Adaptor  -  Heated Grip Adaptor

    - DL650-2012on Accessory Adapter  -  Headight Cut Adaptors

    - Brake/Tail/Signal Adaptors  -  ABS Switching Adaptor

    - Handlebar Wiring Extensions

NEW DL1000s/NEW DL650s - for all the newer VStroms

    - PC-8 fusepanel and kits

    - Brake/Tail and Signal/Licence Adapters

    - Accessory Power Adapter

NEW DL1000s from 2014 on and 650s from 2017 on - these new models have Non-H4 headlights and different wiring in many areas. This means the H4 Relay Kit and the ABS Cut Adapter won’t fit. Some older VStrom parts still fit, some don’t, and some are new products.