Honda Xadv 3 Circuit Solution

xadv-cropThis unit can power all your accessories and:

- allows you to hookup 3 or more accessories

- all plug and play hookup, very simple install

- you can charge your battery through one circuit

- one circuit is always powered, two circuits are switched with the bike

- all output connectors have direct to battery grounds

- mating connectors (terminals and seals too) are included for installation on your circuit wires

- each circuit is individually fused, plus a main fuseholder for the relay

- unswitched circuit max current is 15A

- switched circuits max current is 10A

- total Kit current is 35A



XAdv 3 Circuit Solution $59.95


Included with each kit:

- 3 mating connectors, terms, and seals

(1 extra terminal and seal)

- assortment of fuses

- cable straps

Extra connectors, terminals, and seals available here.

Extra Fuses here. Crimping tools here.









2P Aux Connector Splitter - This splitter plugs into the stock 2P aux power connector right rear of wiring loom - allows factory leads and our PC-8 Kit to plug in. You need this if your 2P connector is in use with factory aux lights or something else.

XAdv 2P Aux Power Splitter $24.95