1985 Honda ‘Mighty 11’ - RT1100

- 1100 cc 1 cylinder air cooled engine produces 11 HP (doesn’t seem like much but it has lots of torque)

- 4 wheel drive, 4 wheel steering, 8 forward speeds, 4 reverse speeds

- came with a great snow plow - this was my main purpose for this tractor. We have gravel drive and road and a blower could be a problem as the drive and road are far from level. Not to mention plowing snow is way more fun than blowing it.

- also included a rear mount tiller - should be handy in future for tilling the garden

- front and rear PTO and hydraulic lifting arms

I got a pretty good deal on this old tractor on Yahoo auctions. Since it looked pretty ratty, few people bid. However, I could see the linkages and working parts seemed in good shape so I gambled that it just needed some paint and TLC. I was right. New tires, some paint, air cleaner and cover, some TLC, and she’s good as new.

Here’s a few pics.

Here she is after arrival at the Beaver Lodge. 28 years of sun fading has taken its toll.


Here are the actual auction pics, she sure looks rough. Air cleaner and cover were missing, luckily I found brand new ones.

eikou68-img600x450-1369624381kr1k8r3443 eikou68-img600x450-1369624381ywa4mu3443

Black plastic is really faded here, think I will paint it black.


 Sample before painting.


 Sample after painting.


Showing some of the rear touch-up paint work. Luckily, the seat is in excellent shape.


And here is how she looks now. My main concerns were getting rust paint on all the suspension and frame. I will likely do some more painting here and there but she’s ready to plow. I have ordered new plow shoes and mounting pins.