2012 Subaru Sambar Japanese KTruck

- 660 cc 4 cylinder fuel injected and water cooled engine in rear

- 4 wheel drive, 6 speed standard tranny

- very good fuel economy - average 18 km/litre

- holds 350 kg (800 lb)

- rear gate and sides fold down

- A/C, Power Steering

I love this little truck. It’s fun to drive and very cheap to operate. Insurance, tolls, taxes, and fuel costs are very low. It’s very light and goes just about anywhere. It’s a pity Subaru stopped making this vehicle in 2012. So I had a hard time finding a new one, but I got lucky and found a left over. It’ll cruise at 120 km/hr and has an extra low 1st gear for pulling heavy loads up hills.

And when you go shopping, you can put just about anything in the back and take it home. Plywood, lumber, you name it, it all goes in the back with ease.

Here’s a few pics.

photo1 (2)

I actually did get it stuck first winter. If you put chains on the rear tires it’ll go through almost any snow.


Here she is with a load from the building center. There’s 8 sheets of plywood in the bottom of the bed.


Engine on right, tranny and muffler on left.


I keep a box in the back for groceries and assorted bungees and ropes.


I have added a rubber sheet on the bed, protective trim on gates and header bar, and also have a tarp to cover the bed.

I can get two bikes in the back!


Or a whole bunch of firewood.


Or a 1000 pound snowblower on a pallet.

I also picked up the new wood splitter on pallet, sorry no pics.