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SOLD June 2016 - On April 20th 2014 I picked up this very lightly used 2011 model Yamaha WR250R with 1100 kms on it. It has customs graphics and other goodies from the dealer, loving the colour.

Accessories Page - stuff I’ve added to this bike.

Ride Maps at bottom of This Page


The Japan model muffler - no removable spark arrestor, it’s welded up. This muffler is actually pretty loud for a stock muffler. I have no intention of installing any aftermarket exhaust.


Here are some GPS tracks of recent riding in the area.

This is some local pavement along a river valley.


This one is a 2 hour circuit of the mountain range Yatsugatake.

299 circle

/This is a closeup of the twisty mountain pass in the map above upper left.

299 pass

This one is up in the Alps. Very twisty paved roads here.