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Please visit these fine web pages:

WebBikeWorld - a planet full of motorcycles
Bikelinks - A to Z of Motorcycling
Bulbs that Last 4 Ever - LED tail lights and signals lights
Alaska Leather - Don't Ride Naked!
Blue Strada Tours

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Beemer Balancers - BMW wheel balancers and more
Hotgrips - motorcycle heated grips

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Waterproof.....Shock Resistant.....Impossible to Ignore

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Feedom Sidecars -  Three Wheel Specialists

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High Tech Brake Light Enhancing Devices

Welcome to Vizible Technologies ... home of Plug & RideTM products

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Favorite Web Links


Skene Design - module to dim LED driving lights

BMW K100 Forum - online forum dedicated the KBikes

Rebuilding a BMW K100 - restoring a BMW K100

Garmin Central Japan Map in English

Ebbo.org  - DIY relay kit, DIY heated grips, BMW stuff

Gunsmoke - tankbag electrification article

buchanan1.net - Bosch charging system info, modulator plans, and stuff

Automotive Online Learning - Auto Electrical 101

SNOWBUM’s BMW Tech Website - THE place for BMW airhead techinical information

Stephen Pate’s - Motorcycle Web Site Index

Motobins UK - BMW parts supplier, new and used

Motorworks UK - BMW parts supplier

IBMWR - Internet BMW Riders page - tons of good info

INOA - International Norton Owners Association

ADVrider online Adventure Rider forum

Ontario Norton Owners - my hometown Norton club

Cycle Canada - Canadian magazine for riders

City Bike - northern California’s bike magazine

Ted Simon’s Jupiter’s Travels - books about his rides around the globe on a bike


Gary Lackie’s Wildlife Photography

Online Photography

CanPhoto Net


Canon Camera Museum

B&H Photo Supply

Adorama Photo Supply

Ian Lyons’s The Computer Darkroom

Andrew Rodney’s the Digital Dog


Michael Reichmann’s Luminous Landscape

Photo Net

Take a Pic

Philbert Ono’s Photoguide Japan

WJ’s Infrared and Photography

Coppermine Photo Gallery

Niva Kedem - Photography

Pnina Evental - letters from Israel

Art Morris - Birds as Art

Moose Peterson’s

Galen Rowell - Mountain Light


Suzuki VStrom Links:

Dan Vesel’s VStrom Accessories

VRSI VStrom Forum

Stromtroopers Forum

Speedsupplies.com - online parts

Ivan’s Performance Products



Beaver (nature.ca) - all about Beavers

Electricity - by William J. Beaty, Electrical Engineer, U. of Washington - Note: These pages finally make electricity possible to understand. Our teachers at school were wrong again.

Electricity Online Lessons

Ontario Birding



International Shorebird Gallery


The Toronto Sun Newspaper


Babelfish Translation

Money Converter


Major Geeks

Darwin Awards

Chef Mom


Dogs Dogs Dogs

Poodle History Project

 Auto Repair - The resource for Auto Repair!