Eastern Beaver Wiring Kits are carefully hand crafted by riders, using the finest tools and materials available. They will outlast your bike.

Note that most 'Kits' are made to order and can take a few days to produce. You will be notified only when your order ships. If you are in a hurry please make sure you get fast EMS shipping, see our Shipping Page for details.

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I’m a Canadian, living in Japan with my wife Yumi and Standard Poodle Lola (down to one now). I own and ride a 2016 Honda Africa Twin and a 1994 Honda XLR250 Baja. We have two 4 wheeled vehicles, but I always prefer to take two wheels whenever I can.

Checkout my new Africa Twin here. Honda XLR250 Baja here. Little Japanese Keitruck here. And my Tractor here.

See that pic on the right? That’s our new shop, look here to see more pics of the inside.

I’m a ‘DIY’ mechanic and have plenty of experience fixing up bikes and cars. In my early biking days I owned several Norton Commandos. I’m sold on Japanese bike reliability now.

I believe in doing it right when it comes to electrical work on a motorcycle. Doing it right costs a bit more but saves you breaking down later on the road.

Riding without worries or hassles is what it’s all about for me. I do not use or sell any cheap connectors that you will find on competitors’ products.

My products carry an unconditional guarantee. Just return a product if you don’t want or need it, and your money will be refunded.

Please enjoy motorcycle riding! Cheers, Jim Davis