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The Powerlink System includes a way to jump start your bike safely, and also plug in aux fuse panels, high power horn circuits, and more.



Furukawa QLW series high current (35A) now available with 1, 2 and 3 positions

Also now available - large size terminals and seals for up to 10 AWG wire (5 sqmm)



20A Single Sealed Fuseholder for ATM Type Mini Blade Fuses by Furukawa

Included in each unit

furukawa fh1

Housing holds a spare fuse.

furukawa fh2

easily clip together


NEW Fully Waterproof SPST Toggle Switch

Toggle Switch (10A) On/Off SPST

Sealed toggle switch comes with full rubber boot on the switch top. The bottom is fully rubber encased. We include wire sheathing and bullet connectors to complete your install. Fits into a 7/16” (11mm) hole.

SPST means it switches one set of contacts on and off.

sealed toggle switch kit

4 mm Plated Bullet Connectors


4 mm Tin Plated Bullet Connectors by Nippon Tanshi

Fit wires from 2 - 3 sqmm (14 - 12 AWG).

With snug fitting plastic sheaths.

I looked for years for bullets to fit 12 AWG wires, finally I found them. Bullets are a great way to get sealed high current connections.

bullets 3sqmm

Splitters for the 3 Circuit Solution Sealed


Stick-On Cable Clamps

These clamps have super sticky adhesive and are easy to lock and unlock. They’re made of very tough plastic. Hold your wires in place on your bike. More sizes coming soon. Made in Japan by Hasagawa. Beware of cheap clones that become unstuck or break apart.

cable clamp 10mm

Re-useable Cable Ties

These are wide and sturdy cable ties that can be used over and over again. Great for all frame and bar ties. I found the 8 inch size perfect for handlebar wires and the 6 inch size great for smaller subframes, racks, etc.

Shown below: 20 cm (8”) and 15 cm (6”) lengths.
cable ties reuse


Furukawa .110”