3 Circuit

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3 Circuit Solution (3CS) - Installation Instructions Here


This Kit is great for those with modest power needs. The components are easy to tuck into spaces near the battery that are unused. This means you don’t need to find a large open area to mount a fuse panel. This Kit will fit any bike easily.

You can order many of the Headlight Relay Kits I sell, with a Male 2P250-TL connector factory crimped onto its main leads. This will allow you to plug these Kits into the 3 Circuit Solution.

And you can of course install the mating connector halves yourself, onto whatever circuit wires you add. Each 3CS Complete comes as shown with three mating Male connectors.

I have chosen this type of connector because it has large enough terminals to carry a 20A current, and its terminals are easy to solder for the DIYer.

Switched circuits are turned off when the bike is shut down. An unswitched circuit is always hot.

You can add a 4th circuit directly to the battery. I find 2 extra terminals on each battery post is the limit for easy battery maintenance. When you get 3 sets of extra terminals you also likely need to buy extra long battery bolts.

NEW - The 1 Fuse Unswitched version has been updated to accomodate one 20A circuit. This is recommended for H4 Dual Kit hookup. The yellow output wire is on the 20A connector using 14 AWG wire.

3 Circuit Solution - All Fuses Switched  $49.95


3 Circuit Solution - One Fuse Unswitched  $54.95



- Heavy Duty Panasonic high temp sealed 40A relay with relay socket

- main 30A fuseholder and 30A ATM fuse

- Metri-Pack 3 ATM fuseholder with cover cap

- comes with five circuit fuses (15A,10A,7.5A,5A,2A) for accessories such as: headlight relay kit, Power Socket,  Heated Grips, etc. You can install other sizes of fuses for what ever you need in the three positions up to 15A per circuit, but a maximum of 30A fuse must be in the main fuseholder.

- all wires and sheathing are 105 C high temp cross linked type.

- relay switching lead comes with a Posi-Tap for easy connection to an ignition switched wire on your bike.

- Switched circuits are turned off when the bike is shut down. An unswitched circuit is always hot. Yes you can charge your bike’s battery through the unswitched circuit.

- with the 1 Fuse Unswitched version, you get full time power to the fuse with the red wires.

-with the All Fuses Switched version, you get switched power on all three fuses.

3 Circuit Solution All Fuses Unswitched



- basically the same features but with no relay, no switching lead.

- all fuses are powered all the time

- cheaper and easier to install

- NOTE: This kit now uses the same connectors as shown above in the regular 3CS. This photo will be updated soon.

3 Circuit Solution - All Fuses Unswitched  $39.95



NOTE - all 3 Circuit Solutions now have upgraded output connectors as shown below. These now come with plated terminals (not shown). The housings are more compact, while the plated terminals have better anti-corrosion protection.

2P250 CNA Tang-Less Set

Tough plastic housings with tin plated brass 2 sqmm terminal set. Click below to buy.

2P250-CNA-TL Set $2.83



2P250-CNA-TL Male $1.79


2P250-CNA-TL Female $1.79



The 3 Fuse 6 Position MetriPack 280 Connector and Cap shown here are available separately if you want to make up your own 3 Circuit Solution. Look here.


See 3CS Kit Options further down this page.


3CS Sealed - same basic Kit as above but with sealed circuit connectors


I chose Sumitomo’s MT sealed connectors for this Kit (comes with 3 but you can buy extras further down this page). They’re capable of up to 14 AWG wire and 15A current. They’re easy to crimp and install, they’re extremely compact, and they’re inexpensive. An extra terminal and seal is included, as well as 6 cable ties.

I have also added a Sealed Relay option to the Kit options below.

NOTE: All 3CS Sealed now come with the more compact MT type connectors shown here.

3 Circuit Solution Sealed - All Fuses Switched  $69.95


3 Circuit Solution Sealed - One Fuse Unswitched  $69.95


3 Circuit Solution Sealed All Fuses Unswitched



- basically the same features as the 3CS Sealed above, but with no relay, no switching lead.

- all fuses are powered all the time

- cheaper and easier to install

NOTE: All 3CS Sealed now come with the more compact MT type connectors shown at bottom of page.

3 Circuit Solution Sealed - All Fuses Unswitched  $55.95


NOTE - all 3 Circuit Solution Sealed kits now come with the upgraded sealed connectors below. These are much more compact.

2 Position .090 Waterproof MT Connector.

Fits wires from .5mm - 1.25mm (22 - 16 AWG).

Small size tough plastic housing with inner seal. Seals on each wire.

Click below to buy:

2P090WP-MT Connector Set  $3.95 ea



Male Half $2.49 ea


Female Half $1.95 ea


3CS Kit Options:

FREE - Switching Lead Posi-Tap Choice: I now give you a choice of a Posi-Tap to suit different wire sizes. Some bikes, especially CanBUS bikes have very small wires. The parking light wire definitely needs a PTA2022 it’s so small. There is no charge for this option but of course you must be buying a 3CS Kit above. See the Posi Products Page for info about Posi-Taps and their sizes.

The Kit’s default is the PTA1800 which will fit most bikes but it’s nice to have the right size.

Order a few extra sizes from the Posi Products Page and make sure you have one that fits just right.

Switching Lead Posi-Tap Choice (Choose Once ONLY)


CanBUS Protective Diode Option: A protective diode can be ordered inline on the ignition switched lead, preventing reverse EMF flow back to the bike. This is highly recommended for CANBus bikes.

Protective  Diode in Switching Wire Option $5.95

Relay Weather Proofing Option:  A large sheath of removable shrinktube is shrunk over the relay connection to provide water proofing for those who like to cross rivers and get their bike wet. Good for any Dual Sport bike.


Relay Weather Proofing Option $2.95

Easy Mount ‘Tree’ Clip: Pushes into a hole to hold the 3 fuse holder in place. Clips onto the back of the cap.


‘Tree’ Clip for 3CS $0.79 ea


NOTE: Some Relay Kits are available with 3CS connectors pre-installed on their main leads. These Kits will plug right into the 3CS, available in 3CS Sealed too.

Go HERE for extra fuses.

Go HERE to buy Posi-Lock Products.