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The Eastern Beaver Company makes its own unique Motorcycle Fuse Panel, the PC-8. We also make the space-saving 3 Circuit Solution, fuse panel Wiring Kits, Headlight Relay Kits, and many other Motorcycle Wiring Kits.

The Eastern Beaver Company also sells motorcycle electric products and accessories, including: Fuse Panels, Terminals, Connectors, Shrinktube, Relays, Fuseholders, and much more. The Eastern Beaver Company sells Posi-Lock Products.

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Photos of birds, dogs, and other nature stuff.

Yumi’s Dog Products Webpage (Japanese)


yumi's pet products yumi's pet products
yumi's pet products

いらっしゃいませ。イースタンビーバーへようこそ。当店は犬の首輪、リード、ハ ーネス、レインコート、おもちゃ、猫ちゃんの首輪、おもちゃなどアメリカからの 輸入品を扱っております。どうぞごゆっくりご覧ください。

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