I apologize for having to ask you to please respect these rules and considerations. I get a lot of E-Mails most of which can be answered by reading my online webpages carefully. This is a small craftshop and we like to spend most of our time actually making and packaging up our fine products. We don’t have minimum wage workers answering questions and doing customer relations. Please try and keep your E-Mail questions brief and clearly stated.

2016-Honda-Africa-Twin-CRF1000L-DCT-hi-res-05- Read all the info on my webpages first before asking a question

- If sending pics, please downsize and ensure they are in focus

- if there’s a connector you need and I don’t have it online, you can request that we get it, IF you want some quantity and we feel that others would also want it

- I don’t know what connector is used on every make and model of bike, nor do I know which connectors are used for what purpose

- If there’s something you bought somewhere else and need to know how to install, please don’t ask me unless your question directly relates to one of my products

- If you don’t know much about electrics, please don’t expect me to educate you. There are plenty of tutorials and info online. Educate yourself, then ask me an educated question.

- Please try not to ask for ORDER ADDITIONS. Please make a new order if you missed something. If you E-Mail me within a day after ordering and if it hasn’t shipped yet, we’ll hold your order and instruct you on how to add to your order.

- Do not ask me to falsify customs documents. Just don’t.

- Please be patient after E-Mailing me. I can’t always reply the same day.

- I you absolutely must E-Mail me, please supply your real name and make sure your E-Mail client uses your real name so I can find your mail later. If you’re inquiring about an order please give me the name the order was placed under.

- Please do not save my E-Mail in your address book. This helps keep my Spam load down a bit..

E-Mail us.

Please be patient it may take a day or even two to get back to you.