2017 Honda Xadv - not really a scooter but with some scooter features, Honda has created a whole new category of bike and I love it. It’s fun to ride being so easy to balance, with a super low center of gravity. I’ll post more here, I just got it and it’s late fall and it’s cold so ride reports will be limited until spring.


Xadv has large comfy seating for two. I love the running boards. I have optional crash bars fitted here. The bike uses a chain drive with cover.


Xadv has an economical but torquey 750 cc engine coupled to a Dual Clutch Transmission for easy automatic shifting.


Xadv has a hydraulic rear hand brake on the left side. On the front right inner fairing is a hand operated parking brake.


Xadv is big fun romping around the woods. It’s very easy to ride with confidence, never feels tippy or top heavy.






The stock tires are actually pretty good, similar to Tourances. They’re obviously made for high mileage and there’s not much grip on slippery stuff. They’re excellent on pavement, I’m loving tossing this bike through the twisties.

Running lights on signals are quite bright, love the headlights and they’re very effective at night.

Bottom Line: It IS a very expensive bike, but it’s rather special in so many ways. Italians designed it, and Honda brought this thing to life by balancing everything so nicely, with a typical Honda super fit and finish. It’s kind of like riding a work of art, at the same time it’s so functional. It’s funky and fun, handles very well, and squirts through traffic with ease. Fuel economy is excellent. With Honda’s reputation for reliability I expect unlimited riding for many years to come on this beast.

Other neat things: Super smooth quiet riding with just a nice little bark from the pipe when you twist it hard, multiple choices in shifting, excellent suspension for most conditions, comfortable foot forward position with choice of moving feet back, incredible LED headlights, great brakes not grabby but strong, tubeless tires with spoked rims, and too many more things to list that I love.

Cons: Expensive, fuel tank small at 13 liters, little choice in tires for now at least, and that’s about all I can think of so far.

You can see more riding videos on Youtube on my channel, here’s a couple on the Xadv: