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This cast iron old combo machine is a Japanese specialty made by Hitachi with a powerfull 200 Volt motor weighing 300 kg (660lb). Here it is in my friend’s little kei truck, likely at or over the weight limit.


And here’s the crane truck that will hoist it high into the sky.


The crane had to lift it over the house and wires and drop it at the back of our shop where we could swing/drop it onto a platform.


Up, up, into the air it went until it was just a speck in the sky...

I took a video of the hoisting, click to the link on the right to see my YouTube Video

Here it is almost ready to unload. Every possible thing was used to build a make shift platform.


Preparing to attach a cable to a steel ceiling beam across the shop to drag it into postion.


With a bunch of plywood, pipes, boards etc we slowly wiggled it across the floor.


Lower left X marks the spot it is to go to.


Here it is in position at last. Once we got close we hooked a chain hoist to the steel beam directly above the position and hoisted and swung it into position.



Now the electrician has to install the shop wiring and we can setup the rest of the equipment and get to work making sawdust!