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Kawasaki Versys-X 300 2016 - -
Electrical Accessory Management & Splitters/Adapters

  Versys-X 300 4CS Kit
Versys-X300 PC-8 Kit
Accessory Connector Splitter - Rear ( 4 Pin  )

4CS - 4 Circuit Sealed Solution

Plug and play solution with 3 switched outputs and 1 un-switched output - no cutting, tapping,
or modification of the existing wiring harness.


This Kit is for medium power needs up to 30A total current.

This Kit uses Sumitomo MT sealed .090” connectors that are easy to work with if crimping or soldering. See here for a crimper for these that will do a professional job on these. The Hozan P-706 is my recommended crimper for sealed types.

Three switched outputs are provided, controlled by a 20A relay and a main fuse holder of 20A max. Switched outputs are max 12A each. These switched outputs are great for most of your accessories, cell phone, GPS etc, even heated clothing can be powered. The switched outputs are fused via the white fuse holder, which can store a spare fuse and are waterproof.

One un-switched output is provided direct from battery using its own fuse holder ( black ), with max capacity of 10A. The bike battery can be charged with this circuit. This higher power circuit can also power an air compressor or power heated clothing. Or you can use this circuit for a GPS which will stay on and powered when you shut off the bike.

Battery leads and the switching input connection are made to length for your bike. They also have the correct connector, so the kit is plug and play. The relay is a very compact 20A unit with extra protection shrunk over it. Mating connectors and fuses are included. Also, an extra terminal and seal is included, as well as cable ties. Extra connectors and parts are available on the Accessories Page.

When shipped, fuse holders do not have fuses installed. Never connect up electrical devices with fuses installed. Always, install the fuse box/kit, then connect your devices and then install the fuses.

When disconnecting a motorcycle battery, always disconnect the GND ( negative ) first, then wrap some tape on the terminals i so it cannot make electrical contact with the battery ), then disconnect the positive lead. When connecting a battery, always connect the positive first, then carefully connect the negative ( GND ). We also recommend, that when connecting or disconnecting battery leads, to do so cleanly. That is hold the lead against the battery terminal, remove the fastener, then cleanly disconnect the cable.


Versys-X 300 4CS $59.50



Installation Note: This kit uses the 4 pin Aux power connector under the passenger seat. We also make a splitter cable so people who want to connect two devices to the Aux power connector can do so. The 4CS switching lead draws less than 0.1A. Main harness should be routed up the right side of the bike ( riders right side ).


PC-8 Fuse panel Kits for the Kawasaki Versys-X 300


  • PC-8 Specifications and Features:
  • - 4 threaded insert nuts provide case mounting and fuse panel installation mounting points
  • - comes with an assortment of ATM fuses, one for each output circuit and a few extras
  • - 8 hot + outputs (2 unswitched circuits, 6 switched circuits)
  • - Switched circuits are turned off when the bike is shut down. An unswitched circuit is always hot - can be used for charging the battery
  • - 8 ground outputs - much better to ground your auxiliary circuits here than on a bike’s frame
  • - maximum fuse panel capacity 35 Amps (20A/15A - switched/unswitched)
  • - maximum output wire size 12 AWG (3 sqmm). 18 AWG is good for up to 15A circuits.
  • - all hardware is stainless steel or tin plated steel.
  • - black satin polycarbonate cover makes unit splash-proof yet allows it to breathe and stay cool
  • - cover mounting tabs on each end can be broken off or left on, depending on mounting choice
  • - simple robust design means no overheating and no problems with vibration
  • - I designed this fuse panel with ease of mounting a priority. Therefore there are many mounting options: Dual Lock on back of case, fine threaded screws from back of panel, self tapping screws from inside through PCB inserts to panel, or nuts and screws on the case mounting ears at each end of the case.



Versys X 300 PC-8 Fuse Panel Kit  $99.85




Accessory Connector Splitter - Rear (4 Pin)

This splitter connects to the Rear Aux power connector to provide 2 outputs from one.  This splitter can be used as a switched source for fuse boxes and other accessories such as alarms. One output has all connections and one output has only switched power and ground. Please make sure you do not overload the Aux output and blow a fuse.
We'll add a female to bullets cable shortly. If you want to order one just email us.

You can buy extra connectors on this page HM 090



Versys X 300 Rear Aux Power Splitter  $29.85







Installation Info

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