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MINIMUM ORDER IS $10 (not including shipping). I’m sorry but I will refund all orders less than $10.
If you are in a hurry please make sure you get fast EMS shipping, see our Shipping Page for details.


LED Riding Lights - 60mm though 110mm LED riding lights.
Powerlink System - jump starting and much more
USB Ports & Cables - motorcycle USB accessories
Posi-Lock Products - for easy wire connections
Terminals - open barrel type crimp terminals
Terminal Sheaths - plastic sheaths for terminals
Connectors - huge selection of OEM bike connectors
Tapes - Quality electrical tapes & protection
Fuseholders and Fuses - wide variety to choose from
Relays - high quality Panasonic relays and relay sockets
Shrink Tube - single and dual wall types
Switches - bar, rocker, and toggle switches for bikes
Grommets - wide selection of sizes to chose from
Tools - crimpers, and more
Fasteners - push rivet panel connectors, and more



Please note that all products that Eastern Beaver sells are the very best that we can find. If it’s not great quality we don’t sell it. We don’t sell cheap copies or generics. In most cases our products are what the OEM makers are using or better. You might find cheaper, or similar products available but you won’t find better quality at a better price..



See my Shipping Page to make sure you get EMS fast international shipping.



Reusable Cable Ties

cable ties reuse

Wiring Loom Clamps

cable clamp 10mm