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New Stuff - newest stuff at top

Super Ternere XT1200Z Left Mirror Switch Mount

F800GS FH020AA Rectifier & Adapter Cables

Puncture Repair Kits

V-Strom 800DE Adventure Fuse Panel

LED Riding Lights

LED Dimmer Unit

Super Duke R PC-8R Fuse Box Kit ( 14-18 )  

PC-8R Compact Fuse Box / PDM     


CT125 Diagnostic Cables

Zero Motorcycles Accessory Power Cable

TE/AMP MQS Sealed Connectors

New Kawasaki Versys-X 300 Fuse box & Splitter

Will be adding many BMW motorcycle OEM type connectors shortly

Tyco / TE / Amp MAF Sensor Connectors ( more to come )

USB C, Lightning, MicroUSB Cable Options


Yamaha MT-10 / FZ-10 PC-8 Kit & Splitters  ( New )


STEM & BAR END Adapters ( New )

JST Connectors ( JWPF ) ( used on MT10 & GSXR1000 & others for Tail light connection ) ( New )


Nitto Electrical Tape  ( New )

USB Port have been added ( New )


Royal Enfield Himalayan options

Yamaha XSR900 specific Kits

Honda XAdv scooter is online


Sumitomo Sealed HX 060



Furukawa QLW series high current (35A) now available with 1, 2 and 3 positions

Also now available - large size terminals and seals for up to 10 AWG wire (5 sqmm)



20A Single Sealed Fuseholder for ATM Type Mini Blade Fuses by Furukawa

Included in each unit

furukawa fh1

Housing holds a spare fuse.

furukawa fh2

easily clip together


NEW Fully Waterproof SPST Toggle Switch


Toggle Switch (10A) On/Off SPST

Sealed toggle switch comes with full rubber boot on the switch top. The bottom is fully rubber encased. We include wire sheathing and bullet connectors to complete your install. Fits into a 7/16” (11mm) hole.

SPST means it switches one set of contacts on and off.

sealed toggle switch kit

4 mm Plated Bullet Connectors


4 mm Tin Plated Bullet Connectors by Nippon Tanshi

Fit wires from 2 - 3 sqmm (14 - 12 AWG).

With snug fitting plastic sheaths.

I looked for years for bullets to fit 12 AWG wires, finally I found them. Bullets are a great way to get sealed high current connections.

bullets 3sqmm

Splitters for the 3 Circuit Solution Sealed


Stick-On Cable Clamps

These clamps have super sticky adhesive and are easy to lock and unlock. They’re made of very tough plastic. Hold your wires in place on your bike. More sizes coming soon. Made in Japan by Hasagawa. Beware of cheap clones that become unstuck or break apart.

cable clamp 10mm

Re-useable Cable Ties

These are wide and sturdy cable ties that can be used over and over again. Great for all frame and bar ties. I found the 8 inch size perfect for handlebar wires and the 6 inch size great for smaller subframes, racks, etc.

Shown below: 20 cm (8”) and 15 cm (6”) lengths.

cable ties reuse


Furukawa .187”


Yazaki’s High Power 40A Sealed .375”Connectors



NEW - 4 Position DS-250 Sealed type connector (also 2P and 3P)



Hozan P-707 crimper for Unsealed Open Barrel Terminals


This crimper has a large range of crimping diesets to choose from. I’ve been testing it and this is a great crimper.

Click here to go to the Tools Page.

HERO B-14 Crimper/Cutter/Stripper - this is a great crimper too for Unsealed Open Barrel type terminals. This one’s got dies for 12 and 10 AWG wire crimping. But it will NOT crimp wires smaller than 18 AWG. NOT for sealed types, although it might do some of them. Good for .250” terminals. Excellent for .090” and .110” terminals. It’s easy to crimp perfectly with this crimper. I found the 12 Gauge brass ring terminals were too much for this crimper. It nicely did brass rings for up to 14 AWG wire. Click here to go to the Tools Page.


Multi Bullet Connectors


3 and 4 Way Bullet Connectors and Sheath are now available here.