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Powerlink System

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Jump Start System


Buddy Leads

Female to Clips Adapter


High Power Horn Kit

Basic Jump Start System - This is a system with jump starting as its primary purpose. You can jump start from bike to bike to get going again. This Kit uses 10 AWG (5 sqmm) Yazaki copper wire and a heavy duty sealed connector. You carry the jumper leads on the bike, leaving the battery leads in place with the cap. Many others things can plug into the Battery Leads - aux fuse panels, special high current horns, sockets, and other devices The clips we use are all stainless, made in Japan, and perfect for bikes with limited clearance around the battery. They’re compact and easy to store too.

Disclaimer - this system is not designed for cars or vehicles with high starter currents. It is designed for occasional use for motorcycles and other small vehicles. We are not responsible for damages that might be caused by using this system. We build this system from the highest quality components using excellent crimping and assembly. All wire and sheathing are high temp type.



Available in parts, choose your lengths:

Jumper Leads:

36” (91cm) $29.95


48” (122cm) $34.95




Battery Leads:

6” (15cm) $14.95

Lead Lengths

12” (31cm) $16.95
Lead Lengths

18” (46cm) $19.95
Lead Lengths

24” (62cm) $21.95
Lead Lengths

Battery Lead Lengths - the shortest lead is the length listed, the longer lead will be 6 inches longer. When both leads are the same, both are the length listed. 6” leads shown below, POS +6”


Powerlink System Add-Ons Because you’re only jump starting bikes in emergencies, the Powerlink connection to battery can be used to power all kinds of things on the bike. If you need to jump start, unplug the main connector from the battery leads and plug in the Jumper Leads. In fact when jump starting it’s best to turn off or is possible disconnect all accessories for maximum battery power and to avoid any electronics damage with current surges etc while jump starting. The Powerlink connection can include a fuse panel on one side of the splitter, and still have capacity for a high power socket on the other side of the splitter. You can also charge through the Powerlink or splitter. You could power a high power horn on one side, your fusepanel on the other side. There’s all kinds of possibilities with the Powerlink System.

We now have a Powerlink option with our CS Kits and our PC-8 fusepanel Kits for a Powerlink main connector that will plug into the Powerlink Battery Leads or Splitter to minimize battery connections.

High Power Horn Kits are now available to plug into the Powerlink System. This makes it easy to power your high power horn directly from the battery, while keeping your fusepanel separate, using the Powerlink Splitter below.


Powerlink Splitter

This is a splitter to allow you two power/ground take-offs from your Powerlink Battery Leads. This splitter is made with 12 AWG(3 sqmm) wires to give you max capacity of 35A on each connector. Total power available is 50A. You can add a Powerlink Cap on an unused connector. This is an extremely high quality hand assembled unit.


Powerlink Splitter $34.95


Powerlink Jump Start Buddy Leads:

This is an alternative to the leads with clips on one end. Made with the same 10 AWG wire and high temp sheath and connectors. With these leads you get a male connector on each end. You and a buddy can enjoy plug and play jumpstarting if you both have the Battery Leads installed. Both can use the Battery leads full time with PC-8s etc and have quick connect no fuss no muss jump start ability bike to bike. Add the short Female to Clips adapter and you can also jump start other bikes.

Jump Start Buddy Leads:

36” (91cm) $24.95


48” (122cm) $29.95



Female to Clips Adapter

12” (31cm) $22.95


24” (62cm) $24.95



The 2P heavy duty sealed connectors are the Furukawa QLW 250” Rated at 35A continuous or 50A peak current - see the full QLW series here.

 2 Position .250 Sealed Waterproof Connector

S size fits wires to 3 sqmm (12 AWG).

L size fits wires to 5 sqmm (10 AWG).

Complete with terminals and seals.


QLW 2P250-Male-S  $5.95 ea


QLW 2P250-Male-L  $5.95 ea


QLW 2P250-Female-S  $5.95 ea


QLW 2P250-Female-L  $5.95 ea



If jump starting a bike,

  1. Turn off the ignition on the bike to be jump started ( Bike 1 )
  2. Connect the PowerLink Jumper Lead positive ( Alligators ) to Bike 2's positive battery terminal ( the bike providing the jump start or Bike 2 ).
  3. Connect the PowerLink connector on Bike 1 to the PowerLink Jumper Cable.
  4. Connect the PowerLink Jumper Cable negative lead  ( Alligator ) to the battery negative on Bike 2.
  5. Wait for 1 to 3 minutes to allow the Bike 1 battery to charge a little ( otherwise the most of the current will be used in charging the flat battery rather than available to the starter motor ).
  6. After the 1 to 3 minutes of charging, attempt to start bike 1 ( 10 seconds maximum )
  7. If the bike does not start after 10 seconds, stop cranking the motor.
  8. Wait 5 minutes to allow the cables to cool down before trying again..
  9. If Bike 1 starts, disconnect the negative from Bike 2 and then disconnect Bike 1 PowerLink to Jumper Leads, and then the Jumper Cable positive from Bike 2.
  10. Note: When jump starting or boosting any vehicle always make the positive connection first, then the negative connection. When disconnecting, always remove negative first
    and then positive.


  • Remember the hotter the leads the less efficient they are ( the less current they can safely carry ).
  • A small bike will not be able to jump start a bigger bike ( usually ). It can however charge the battery on the bigger bike, if connected for long enough.
  • Be careful with air cooled bikes, not to run them so long,  that they overheat.
  • The PowerLink system has been tested at 50A @14.2V. It can handle up to 120A for short period of time ( cool down persion needed after 10s use )
  • It is also designed for higher power accessories or to help with jumpstarting a battery that has just gone flat ( usually from old age or accessories drained power very recently ).
  • The Power Link system is designed to give a boost when jump starting, NOT to provide all the power.
  • It will not work for batteries that have internal shorts.
  • Do not use to jump start most Li batteries, unless the manufacturer has approved the battery for jump starting ( Many Li batteries have internal fuses and cannot handle
    more than 35A inrush current ).
  • Never use to jump start from cars, tractors or trucks. They can provide too much current and could overload the Power Link cables.

Powerlink 20A High Power Horn Kit: Now available here.