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If you are in a hurry please make sure you get fast EMS shipping, see our Shipping Page for details.



PC-8 Fuse Panel Only

PC-8 with 50A Relay Kits

PC-8 Shorty 50A Relay Kit

PC-8 Options and Accessories


PC-8 Install Web Page

PC-8 Install PDF File

PC-8 Fitment Chart

PC-8 Kit Length Measuring

the Power Center 8 (PC-8) - for powering accessories on all motorcycles - also on any other vehicle where you want to power many circuits with individual fusing - avoids multiple wires on battery posts




Size (not including mounting ears): 81mm x 58 mm x 30mm (3 1/4” x 2 1/4” x 1 1/8”) - (l/w/h)

Or basically the size of a small pack of smokes.

Specifications and Features:

- 4 threaded insert nuts provide case mounting and fuse panel installation mounting points

- comes with an assortment of ATM fuses, one for each output circuit and a few extras

- 8 hot + outputs (2 unswitched circuits, 6 switched circuits)

- Switched circuits are turned off when the bike is shut down. An unswitched circuit is always hot - can be used for charging the battery

- 8 ground outputs - much better to ground your auxiliary circuits here than on a bike’s frame

- maximum fuse panel capacity 60 Amps (40A/20A - switched/unswitched)

- maximum circuit capacity 20 Amps (15A continuous)

- maximum output wire size 12 AWG (3 sqmm)

- all hardware is stainless steel (except input posts which are tin plated steel)

- black satin polycarbonate cover makes unit splash-proof yet allows it to breathe and stay cool

- cover mounting tabs on each end can be broken off or left on, depending on mounting choice

- simple robust design means no overheating and no problems with vibration

- I designed this fuse panel with ease of mounting a priority. Therefore there are many mounting options: Dual Lock on back of case, fine threaded screws from back of panel, self tapping screws from inside through PCB inserts to panel, or nuts and screws on the case mounting ears at each end of the case. See further down this page for optional mounting accessory choices. I used 2 machine screws, one each on opposite corners of the mounting tabs for my VStrom installation, straight into the underseat plastic.


1 - Why not give it more unswitched circuits?

 - answer: In my experience I feel 2 is enough - you can double up lower current loads

2 - Why not give a choice of placing each fuse either switched or unswitched?

- answer: I feel this is not a good idea. It allows possible over capacity of the unswitched circuits by the customer, and could create a possible unbalanced or overload situation. (also see #1) - plus it makes the fuse panel less compact

3 - Why not put a relay onboard?

- answer: I feel an external relay is better because it’s easier to mount, makes the fuse panel smaller, and is easily replaceable. Also, any standard relay can be used and service life is excellent on relays like I use and sell, they’re the best in the world - why compromise on one of the most important components of your auxiliary fuse panel system

4 - Why bother with expensive insert nuts, why not just use machine screws to mount through holes in the PCB?

- answer: I feel the threaded insert nuts give great flexibility and solidity to the case mounting and install mounting. Different length screws can allow mounting on different thickness of panels.

5 - Why not just put on a stainless steel top cover instead of an expensive two piece molded polycarbonate cover?

- answer: I feel it’s important to cover the bottom of the PCB board for protection and moisture resistance. The fuse panel is splash-proof and the PCB board is securely protected from intrusions etc. And the polycarbonate housing is non conductive.

PC-8 Fuse Panel Only (with hardware and fuses) for DIY installation - see further down for complete Kits


Below is the hardware that comes with each PC-8 - now includes one 2A fuse.


PC-8 - $65.00

See further down this page for complete PC-8 with Relay Kits.

PC-8 Relay Kits are available separately here.

PC-8 Jumper

- Makes all 8 outputs switched or unswitched. If you use a relay you can make all outputs switched, or you can wire direct to battery for all outputs unswitched. DOES NOT WORK WITH PC-8 RELAY KITS.

- this jumper won’t work with my PC-8 Kits. See here for my Single Circuit Fusepanel Relay Kits (for all switched), or here for my Single Circuit Fusepanel Leads (for all unswitched), which will work with this jumper.

- AWG 14 wire easy to install.


PC-8 Jumper - $5.49

ALL NEW PC-8 and 50A Relay Kits

NEW - Dual fuseholders for 50A total capacity (each holds spare fuse)

NEW -High Tech relay socket and 10 AWG (5 sqmm) ground wire

NEW - Powerlink Option allows this Kit to use the Powerlink system for more versatile connections, bike jump starting, and more

    - Powerlink connector is installed instead of battery ring terminals - you also need the Powerlink Battery Leads to connect to battery.

    - Powerlink option allows you to also use a Powerlink Splitter to give you an extra connector for a high power horn, etc.

    18” (31cm) Kit shown above - kit length is from battery POS to PC-8

    Powerlink Kits must also order the Powerlink Battery Leads in correct lengths for the install.

18”(40cm)  $100.95

Connection Option

24”(61cm)  $102.95

Connection Option

30”(76cm)  $104.45

Connection Option

36”(91cm)  $106.95

Connection Option

42”(107cm)  $108.45

Connection Option

48”(122cm)  $110.95

Connection Option

54”(137cm)  $112.45

Connection Option

60”(152cm)  $114.95

Connection Option

FJR1300 -  extra long 74” Kit . You should also order the POS lead +6” in Options further down this page.

74”(188cm)  $119.95

Connection Option

Regular Kit length is from battery POS to PC-8, NEG lead is 6” longer. You can order a Kit with POS lead longer or both battery leads the same, see further down this page here. Check your battery post configuration before ordering. Powerlink Connector is installed to keep Kit length the same. The Powerlink Battery Leads can add extra length to the kit by ordering in longer lengths, plan overall kit length needed accordingly.

NEW - all PC-8 Kits can now be ordered to fit our Powerlink Connection. Below is a PC-8 18” Kit with Powerlink hookup.


All PC-8 Kits are now 50A with dual fuseholders as shown)


PC-8 and 50A Relay Kit ‘Shorty’: - Installation Page Here. PDF Install File Here.

Shortening the kit as much as possible puts everything as close as possible to the battery. This Kit comes with PC-8, fuses, cable ties, and everything else you need for installation.


Battery POS to PC-8 - 8” (20 cm)

Battery NEG to PC-8 - 14” (35 cm)

PC-8 with complete Shorty Kit  $100.95

Connection Option

PC-8 Shorty Relay Kit Only (No PC-8)  $42.95

Connection Option


If you’d like the POS lead longer than the NEG lead, or both the same length, see Kit Options below.

This Kit can now be ordered to fit our Powerlink Connection. See above for a pic of a PC-8 18” Kit with Powerlink hookup.


PC-8 Relay Kit Options:

FREE - Switching Lead Posi-Tap Choice: I now give you a choice of Posi-Tap to suit different wire sizes. Some bikes, especially CanBUS bikes have very small wires. The parking light wire definitely needs a PTA2022 it’s so small. There is no charge for this option but of course you must be buying a PC-8 and Relay Kit above. See the Posi Products Page for info about Posi-Taps and their sizes.

The Kits by default come with the medium size PTA1800 which will fit most bikes but I give you the choice to match the wire size you’ll tap.

You can of course buy a few different sizes of Posi-Taps at the above link if you’re unsure of the right size.

Switching Lead Posi-Tap Choice (Choose Once ONLY)



Battery Lead Configuration Option: The default PC-8 Kit battery lead configuration is NEG +6 inches. If you’d like a Kit with both battery leads the same length or the POS lead +6 inches, you can pay for those options below. You must be buying a PC-8 and Relay Kit above. Battery terminal position is what dictates your lead choice. If the POS battery post is furthest away from the PC-8 then you’ll choose ‘POS +6 Inches’. If the battery is sideways to the path of the wiring, choose ‘Both Same’.

NOTE: You don’t choose this option with the Powerlink Option. In this case you will choose your battery lead lengths for the Powerlink Battery Lead.

Battery Lead Length Both Same $2


Battery Lead Length POS +6 Inches $4


Protective Diode Option: A protective diode can be ordered inline on the ignition switched lead, preventing reverse EMF flow back to the bike. This is highly recommended for CANBus bikes.

Protective  Diode in Switching Wire Option $5.95


PC-8 Termination Kit: If you have ordered your Kit a bit long because you’re unsure of the exact length needed,  these extra parts will  allow you to cut the fuse panel leads shorter and install new terminals.

3 M5 Ring Terminals, Sheath and Shrinktube $2.95


PC-8 Mounting Accessories:
You can come up with your own mounting materials and methods but here are some high quality mounting bits to help you mount the PC-8 to your bike.

Dual Locks Strips ( Super Strength ) - Two pairs of mating 4” (10 cm) Dual Lock strips. Great for many other projects too.
This material has 5 times more holding strength than regular Velcro. Strips have excellent adhesive on the back.
Clean surfaces with alcohol first.



3M Dual Lock Strips - Strong $4.35

Single Locks Strips ( Normal Strength ) - Two pairs of mating 4” (10 cm) Single Lock strips. Great for many other projects too.
This material has 2 times more holding strength than regular Velcro. Strips have excellent adhesive on the back. Clean surfaces with alcohol first.



3M Single Lock Strips - Normal $2.59

M4 Stainless Screws and Locking Nuts - These screws and nuts can be used on the mounting tabs of the case. Screws have built in washers, nuts are self locking. Useful for many other projects too!


M4 Stainless Screws and Nuts (4 sets) $2.49

M4 Stainless Screws - these screws can mount into the PC-8 threaded inserts from the rear through a panel.


M4 Stainless Screws to mount from back (4) $1.49

Stainless Self-Tapping Screws - These are the same screws included with every PC-8.


Stainless Self Tapping Screws (4) $1.25